North Hunterdon vs. Voorhees – Milk Can Game – Rivalry at a Glance

North Hunterdon vs. Voorhees - Milk Can Game - Rivalry at a Glance
Voorhees RB Brandon Kurzeja rushed 17 times for 135 yards and a TD in the Vikings 35-14 victory over North Hunterdon last week.

Voorhees Snapped North Hunterdon’s 11-Game Winning Streak in Series Last Friday

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Last Friday night, Voorhees defeated North Hunterdon (35-14) to win the Milk Can Game for the first time since 2011.  Prior to last Friday, North Hunterdon had won 11 straight in the rivalry.    

Since 2003, North Hunterdon has won 16 of 21 meetings between the two schools.  The Lions also had won 15 of the last 16 dating back to the 2007 season.  Voorhees has not won in back-to-back years since 2005 and 2006 in this rivalry series.  Ten of the last 21 meetings have been decided by 8 points or less including a 39-32 double-overtime victory by North Hunterdon in 2015.

The series between the Lions and the Vikings began in 1976.  The Lions lead the series 34-13-1 including wins in 25 of the last 32.  Here’s the North Hunterdon vs. Voorhees Milk Can Game rivalry at a glance.

YearWinnerWinning ScoreLoserLosing Score
1976North Hunterdon31Voorhees8
1977Voorhees13North Hunterdon12
1978North Hunterdon21Voorhees7
1979North Hunterdon23Voorhees6
1980Voorhees48North Hunterdon15
1981Voorhees27North Hunterdon14
1982Voorhees8North Hunterdon7
1983North Hunterdon21Voorhees13
1984North Hunterdon28Voorhees14
1985North Hunterdon27Voorhees6
1986North Hunterdon10Voorhees6
1987Voorhees3North Hunterdon3 (tie)
1988North Hunterdon24Voorhees13
1989North Hunterdon35Voorhees14
1990Voorhees27North Hunterdon0
1991Voorhees26North Hunterdon0
1992North Hunterdon28Voorhees0
1993North Hunterdon45Voorhees0
1994North Hunterdon28Voorhees21
1995Voorhees62North Hunterdon14
1996North Hunterdon46Voorhees23
1997North Hunterdon41Voorhees40
1998Voorhees26North Hunterdon15
1999North Hunterdon35Voorhees7
2000North Hunterdon45Voorhees28
2001North Hunterdon34Voorhees7
2002North Hunterdon24Voorhees0
2003Voorhees16North Hunterdon14
2004North Hunterdon21Voorhees12
2005Voorhees21North Hunterdon0
2006Voorhees21North Hunterdon13
2007North Hunterdon21Voorhees14
2008North Hunterdon28Voorhees6
2009North Hunterdon37Voorhees21
2010North Hunterdon23Voorhees3
2011Voorhees13North Hunterdon7
2012North Hunterdon20Voorhees13
2013North Hunterdon7Voorhees6
2014North Hunterdon29Voorhees21
2015North Hunterdon39Voorhees32 2OT
2016North Hunterdon42Voorhees10
2017North Hunterdon31Voorhees23
2018North Hunterdon14Voorhees7
2019North Hunterdon17Voorhees6
2020North Hunterdon35Voorhees6
2021North Hunterdon46Voorhees14
2022North Hunterdon35Voorhees7
2023Voorhees35North Hunterdon14
  • North Hunterdon has outscored Voorhees by a margin of 1119-770, or by an average of about 23-16 per contest.  
  • North Hunterdon has 3 shutouts
  • Voorhees has 3 shutouts.
  • Longest winning streak:  North Hunterdon with 11 straight wins from 2012 to 2022.
  • Voorhees’ longest win streak:  3 games (from 1980 to 1982).
  • 11 games have been decided by 7 points or less.
  • 15 games have been decided by 8 points or less.
  • Most points scored in a game:  62 by Voorhees in 1995.
  • Largest margin of victory:  48 by Voorhees (62-14 in 1995).  North Hunterdon defeated Voorhees 45-0 in 1993.